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As-Built Scanning

Do you require inspection of your large machine components or industrial plant?

We can provide as-built models using the latest 3D laser scanner. Construction drawings will seldom give an accurate representation of an installation, and if modifications have occurred over time, the norm for older installations, archived plans will generally bear no resemblance to the as-built conditions.

Complex piping runs and equipment layouts can quickly and accurately be captured by the Laser scanning process, allowing exact dimensions and deformations of sites and equipment to be determined. Component and plant upgrades can be planned and modelled so as to fit first-time reducing the need for costly shutdowns and disruption.

The following are a few industrial applications:

  • Plant room and equipment modelling
  • Pipe Installations
  • As-Built Engineering Structures
  • Structural Steel As-Built’s
  • Bridges and Tunnel Modelling