Meet the Realserve Team

We have offices located across Australia and New Zealand with a team of experienced professionals ready to deliver precise outputs across a range of services for commercial, retail or industrial properties. The team has spent many years dealing with property owners, real estate agents, architects and other industry professionals.

Realserve Staff Michael

MICHAEL LAROBINA - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Michael draws on his background in architecture, strong business acumen and passion for technology and innovation to guide the company and ensure Realserve maintains its position as market leader. He provides corporate vision to the Realserve team now positioned in most states of Australia and in New Zealand.

Realserve Staff Tarek

TAREK JOMMA - General Manager, Australia and New Zealand

Tarek joined Realserve to co-ordinate national clients and projects before becoming General Manager. With over 15 years' industry experience, he brings a vision to stay at the forefront of technology with a strong background in AutoCAD, Revit, Point Cloud technologies and BIM workflows to lead our team.

Realserve Staff Chad

CHAD LAWSON - General Manager, NSW and Victoria

Chad has developed a widespread reputation for surpassing our clients' expectations. This and his dedication to implementing strategic plans to promote staff training and development have seen him establish himself as an integral contributor to the operations of the company. Chad draws on his leadership qualities and approachable manner to provide support to state and department heads in the NSW and Victorian business units.

Justice Foli

JUSTICE FOLI - NSW Land Surveys Manager

With over 8 years’ experience in the surveying industry, Justice has developed his skills in the aspects of Boundary Surveys, Set-outs & As-builts, Identification surveys, Cadastral accuracy control traverses, Plan & Dealing preparations for Subdivisions, Acquisitions, Consolidations & redefinitions, Easement Plans and Detail surveys. Justice is currently a Registered Surveyor in both NSW and ACT.

Realserve Staff Ben


After joining Realserve in early 2010 as a draftsperson, Ben proved his value and approach to business, transitioning into the NSW Retail Project Manager in 2014. Whilst always maintaining a keen interest in the retail division of our business, Ben’s seamless project management skills saw him promoted to Manager of our Sydney (Bella Vista) team in 2019. In this current position he can be relied upon to coordinate the delivery of projects for all Sydney and NSW based clients.

Realserve Staff Chris

CHRIS IPPAVIZ - National Project Manager

Chris has over a decade’s experience working in the Architectural field and has been with Realserve for more than 8 years. His strengths are in 2D AutoCAD, surveying and project management. Chris specialises in Lettable Area plans and Marketing Drawings, which has seen him move into a National Project Manager role where clients benefit from having a single point of contact administering their projects.

Realserve Staff Ian

IAN NGUYEN - Victorian Manager

Ian is the Office Manager of our Melbourne team. After joining Realserve in 2006 as a draftsperson he now manages one of our busiest offices in Australia. With a keen eye on the Retail sector, Ian has become the primary point of call for our many corporate retail clients.

Realserve Staff Geoff

GEOFF FORSTER - Victorian Land Survey Manager

Geoff has over 25 years experience in both urban and rural surveying, with specialist skills in Title Re-establishment, Feature & Level Surveys, Applications to amend title surveys, Subdivisions, Creation/Removal of Easement Plans and Lease Plans. Geoff is a Licensed Surveyor in both South Australia and Victoria.

Christopher Broadbent at Realserve

CHRISTOPHER BROADBENT - National Project Manager

Christopher forms an integral part of the Realserve team, responsible for managing all our National Retail and Existing Conditions project work. It is the fastest growing part of our business as the demand for scan to BIM growing at a rapid pace. Chris is the crucial role between our clients and internal teams making sure all facets of a project are delivering smoothly and efficiently from concept through to delivery.

Realserve Staff Chris Hunt

CHRIS HUNT - Queensland Manager

After joining Realserve in 2004 in our first Melbourne office, Chris quickly established himself within our team. After a 3 year break working on diverse architectural projects in the United Kingdom (inc. the Barclays Bank refurbishment program) Chris returned to Australia and re-joined Realserve to manage our Brisbane office.

Realserve Staff Rod

RODNEY TANNER - Queensland Survey Manager

Rodney has over 30 years’ experience in the Surveying industry. During this time, he has gained valuable experience in project management of urban and rural land developments, civil construction, infrastructure and exploration in Australia and New Zealand. Rodney is a Cadastral Surveyor in QLD and possesses a broad range of technical skills and knowledge to provide solutions to complex surveys / titling.

Realserve Staff Tom Freeman

TOM FREEMAN - South Australian Manager

Tom is a qualified draftsperson with strong AutoCAD, 3D scanning and project management skills and has been with Realserve since 2016. In his role as state manager he draws on his attention to customer satisfaction to ensure that all client projects run seamlessly within South Australia.

Realserve Staff Damien Power

DAMIEN POWER - Western Australia Manager

Damien has over a decade of experience in the Architectural field. He has now been with Realserve for since 2012 as a senior survey technician with strong 2D and 3D AutoCAD skills in government and commercial projects.

Realserve Staff Rhys Smith

RHYS SMITH - New Zealand Manager

Rhys heads our New Zealand team as Manager, based in the Christchurch office. With strong skills in AutoCAD, project management and customer support, Rhys has held design drafting positions in both the aluminium and glass industries with a background in building and drafting for marine engineering.

Jace Pearson

JACE PEARSON - Survey Team Mentor

Jace is a registered surveyor with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Before joining Realserve in 2023 he held surveying, project management, teaching, and senior management positions in both the private sector and government agencies. Jace draws on his extensive knowledge to mentor and guide the Realserve surveying team members.

Realserve Staff Nigel Waller


Nigel launched Realserve in 2001 when he saw an opportunity to provide plans and surveys to the commercial property market. Realserve has enjoyed continued growth since, based around four core values of Responsiveness, Expertise, Accuracy and Leadership.