Building Verification is an important process carried out throughout a construction project as it ensures that what is being built is geometrically correct. Realserve are uniquely positioned with it’s history in surveying and revolutionary reality capture techniques to provide this service.

Building verification for commercial or industrial properties

What is it?
Building verification is the process where as-designed data is compared to as-built data to determine if there are any differences based on a specified tolerance. By involving Realserve’s Building Verification throughout the construction process you will be mitigating the risk of costly delay, RFI’s and reworks.


How is it provided?
As-designed data can either be provided in 2D or 3D data. For 2D as-designs Realserve will convert the information into informative 3D models which can then be used for building verification.

There are a number of 3D scanning technologies available that can enable incredibly fast data analysis to provide accurate intelligence for facility owners, architects, engineers or contractors. You can visually see , in 3D,  where and how much your building varies from the design.


How do we capture data?
Once the as-designed model has been created Realserve can begin its on-site data capture using both terrestrial and aerial solutions to create an accurate as-built 3D model of the construction project.


What is delivered?
Once the as-designed and as-built models are finalised Realserve can begin running its verification tests to isolate any difference between the datasets as per specified tolerances. A detailed report highlighting any issues will then be provided to the client for them to determine whether the error needs to be rectified or not.

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Our typical process

Over the past decade the Realserve team have developed a range of skills which position us uniquely to assist the construction industry, ensuring all building elements (Architectural, Structural and MEP) are built to tolerance. As a result, this allows Realserve to effectively act as an independent contractor allowing our client to confidently continue with a construction project. 


To verify the building elements in a construction process Realserve can utilise all its surveying equipment to collect the relevant data on-site. We approach each project differently assessing which combination of technologies will be required to complete the job, choosing from advanced 3D laser scanning, traditional survey equipment and innovative aerial solutions (Remote Piloted Aircraft). Once the point cloud data is captured our team will process the information back in the office creating the as-constructed model used for the verification process.

Once our plans are drafted they go through an intensive QA process via an independent audit to ensure that what we have captured is delivered to the highest levels of accuracy possible.

In summary;

  • Initial consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.
  • Agree on a scope of work.
  • A site visit is organised with one of our qualified technicians with the necessary data collection equipment.
  • All data is then processed via our team located in one of our offices around the Country.
  • All plans or drawings are then independently reviewed via our QA process.
  • All deliverables are then created for viewing in PDF, AutoCAD or Revit.
  • We also have the ability to create things like a 3D scan or virtual tour of your property to create a fully interactive view of a site.

Building verification samples

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