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With our expertise in reality capture we used 3D geospatial surveying techniques to determine the quantities & value of material onsite to estimate haulage costs.

Learn How 3D Scanning Geospatial Technology can create a Volumetric Analysis


The Realserve team put their reality capture and 3D scanning expertise to work for this unusual project to aid the quick turn around of a due diligence report.  

  • Our Client was in the process of acquiring a glass recycling facility and required a survey of the existing stockpiles of this commercial property to determine the quantities & value of material onsite.

  • We needed to provide a solution that could accurately measure the materials to then estimate the haulage costs for removal.

  • The survey was required urgently as our client was in the process of completing the due diligence required on the asset.

  • A follow-up survey was completed prior to the transaction being completed to determine the final agreed-upon quantity & value of the material onsite.
How 3D Scanning Geospatial Technology from Realserve can create a Volumetric Analysis for a commercial property


The traditional method to complete this type of project would be typical detail techniques using Total Station. Sometimes a two-person field crew can spend multiple days and then it might be unsafe to get the exact details on top of the mound if the material is unsafe to walk on.


So using our expertise dealing with various industrial and commercial property measurement scenarios the Realserve team utilised a combination of technological solutions to deliver an accurate and efficient set of outputs for this client that included;


By combining these methodologies we were able to deliver the following benefits;

  • Data – A significant amount of captured spatial data.

  • Speed – Far quicker field time for data capture that minimises disruption to the site and means the final survey plans are available faster.

  • Accuracy – More accurate surface representations and volume calculations due to the density & extent of the captured spatial data.

  • Fast Turnaround – Quicker software processing and deliverables.


A 3D Geospatial survey enables us to render maps with spatial data and apply analytical methods to terrestrial or geographic datasets. The first step in the procedure was to set up the control network with the total station and GPS receiver, which would be used to coordinate the various sources of data into the same coordinate system for analysis. The control network was also used to verify the accuracy of the data collected.


The data collected from the 3D scanner and RPA was processed back at the office using Realserve’s suite of registration and photogrammetry software. This meant we could quickly create a 3D spatial representation of the stockpiles.


Using the latest civil engineering software, the 3D spatial data was analyzed, and the volumes of each individual stockpile were calculated to help complete the due diligence quickly.


So this project saw the National Engineering Manager request to have two stock surveys completed and therefore our scope of work became;
  • Conducting the relevant Plan searches from NSW LRS.

  • Surveying the recycled glass stockpiles for volume calculation purposes.

  • Completing the stockpile volume calculations.

  • Preparation of the survey plan and report showing the stockpiles with their relative volumes.


Watch the aerial survey


  • Precision: Using the latest in geospatial technology Realserve were able to accurately represent the surfaces of the stockpiles with these outputs;
    • 3D point cloud and mesh representation
    • Topographically accurate surfaces modelled in the latest civil engineering software
    • Detailed report listing the various stockpile volumes across the site with material classification.

  • Speed: We completed the on-site work in less than 3 hours as a result of the unique solution Realserve applied to this project. This minimized revenue loss & the time needed for the facility to be shut down.

  • Efficiency: Our client was under a strict deadline to finalize negotiations and thanks to Realserve’s fast project delivery they were able to accurately quantify & value materials & conclude negotiations.



The client could have also;

  • This survey methodology could be implemented at regular time intervals to accurately and efficiently monitor the change in the volume of the material stockpiles.

  • A site topographic survey for design or DA purposes (future works/renovations/redevelopment) could be performed.

  • A boundary survey.

  • An existing conditions survey of existing structures and plant equipment for record-keeping purposes or future developments.

  • Upgrading the site management system to incorporate BIM Services technologies.

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