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Feature & Level Surveys Brisbane

Realserve offers feature & level surveys to the Brisbane commercial property industry.


Feature and levels surveys are an important starting point for all land development projects in Brisbane, Queensland. At Realserve, we can provide feature and level surveys as well as topographic surveying services for clients in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.



What is a Feature and Level Survey (Brisbane)?

Brisbane feature and level surveys involve the locating of information on the subject site along with adjoining properties and street features. The results of these surveys are then used by your designer to conduct their work and also often needed for local Brisbane Council applications. 

See a Brisbane Feature and Level Survey example below. For more sample plans, visit our Feature & Level Survey page.

BrisbaneFeatureAndLevelSurveyExample RealServe


Why do I need a Brisbane feature and level survey?

There are several reasons you may need a survey for your Brisbane project. This may include;

  • Accurately locating and measuring all land/building features
  • Before constructing or extending a Brisbane building
  • For land valuation purposes
  • To determine existing conditions of a site in Brisbane, and to discover any issues
  • Providing architects and engineers with precise information for design purposes
  • To show where new structures could be included, and what kind of structures will fit

To talk more about topographical surveys and your project in Brisbane, contact us, or request for a local surveying expert to call you at a convenient time.


Why Realserve in Brisbane?

When preparing a feature and level survey for you, our licensed Brisbane Land Surveyors will work directly with you through the process, to ensure you receive a plan that results in project success. Realserve QLD will ensure that all your needs are met when producing your survey plan, wherever you are in Brisbane.

We bring over 18 years of experience in producing detailed plans and feature & level surveys. You can rely on our Brisbane surveyors to provide accuracy and expertise to you, anywhere in Queensland.

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