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Lease Plans Queensland

Do I need a Property Lease Plan in QLD?


Yes, if you have a contract between a lessor and a lessee. Whether you're the building owner (lessor) or the incoming tenant (lessee), our surveyors located in Brisbane can assist you with a Lease Plan, prepared and registered in accordance with Queensland legislation.



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While any term of Lease may be registered with the Land Titles Office (LTO), a lease does not require registration to be valid. However, particularly on a lease that exceeds a term of 3 years, it is advised and preferable that the lease is registered as this is required to protect the tenant's rights and achieve indefeasibility (Land Title Act 1994), or a right in the property that cannot be made void.


 Realserve Surveying Brisbane Queensland


A Lease may cover the whole or part of a: lot, building, building unit plan (BUP), group title plan (GTP), or part of the common property in a community titles scheme.


Requirements for leases of land differ from leases of part of a building, however it is an essential requirement in Queensland that both of these plans are prepared and certified by a Cadastral Surveyor.


If part of the land is being leased, then a common plan form is used to represent the spatial extents of the lease area (in either a standard or volumetric format) and is then submitted to the Land Titles Office for registration. The standard plan format shows the premises area, shape and location in relation to the lot boundary. Volumetric leases are used to restrict the height and depth (vertical limits) of the lease and used for building antennas, underground infrastructure etc.


Our lease plan specialists can provide you with further details and advice specific to your site such as:

  • The only time a plan of survey would not be required, is if the lease was over the whole of the lot.
  • The rooftop of a building is considered a Lease of land, as is the lease of space for signage on the wall of a building. 


See below for some example plans:


Realserve Part Floor Lease Plan Example
Standard plan format shows the premises area, shape and location in relation to the lot boundary and is certified by a Cadastral Surveyor.



Realserve Volumetric Lease Example

Full document shows location of the lease area(s) in 2D standard format as well as volumetrically as shown above.


6 Easy steps to receiving your Brisbane Lease Plan: 

Our local presence in Brisbane means we have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of Queensland specific guidelines and requirements in relation to land titling within our great state.

  • You provide Realserve approval to proceed with the quotation
  • We measure the Lettable Area in accordance with Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement guidelines
  • We accurately draw the plan showing your lease portion and site
  • Plan is prepared in registrable format to Dept. of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRM) guidelines
  • It's signed by our Registered Cadastral Surveyor
  • Plan is issued, ready for you or your agent to lodge


Who will prepare my Lease Plan? 

A cadastral surveyor is the only person who can prepare lease sketches. Our Brisbane team of lease plan surveyors are under the direction of our Queensland Survey Manager, Rodney. Rod has over 30 years’ experience in the surveying industry. During this time, he has gained valuable experience in project management of urban and rural land developments, civil construction, infrastructure and exploration in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Rodney is a Cadastral Surveyor in Queensland and possesses a broad range of technical skills and knowledge to provide solutions to complex surveys / titling issues.

Ask an expert for help with your specific Lease Plan requirements here


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Client testimonials:

Realserve were very responsive and handled our job efficiently. They provided us regularly with updates and were helpful throughout the process. I would use them again. Owner - Jan 2018

Professional, punctual and hassle free. Property Manager - March 2018

Realserve surveyors were professional, accurate and on time. They answered all my questions. Tenant - May 2018



Why Realserve Brisbane?

Realserve has been assisting property owners find and protect their land and building assets for 18+ years. You can rely on our experience and expertise in providing a Brisbane Lease Plan Survey that meets all the requirements and best meets your needs. 

All plans and computations will be completed by an experienced Brisbane surveyor with cadastral endorsement – i.e. they are licensed or registered in Queensland’s state jurisdiction. 



If you would like to know more about Lease Plan Surveys in Brisbane or what we can do for you, contact us or request for a Brisbane surveying expert to call you back at a convenient time.