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Floor Plans Adelaide

Realserve offers floor plans in Adelaide to professionals in the commercial property industry – this includes marketing plans, filed plans, lettable area plans and as built drawings/existing conditions floor plans. We specialise in building measurement to prepare floor plans and documentation to assist with sales, leasing, planning and design projects in Adelaide and across South Australia.


Marketing Drawings

Marketing Drawings in Adelaide give prospective buyers and tenants the ability to quickly recognise the potential of a space. That’s why at Realserve in Adelaide we prepare easy to read floor plan drawings, specifically designed for sales or leasing marketing campaigns.

Realserve Marketing Drawing Adelaide1

Filed Plans

Realserve are specialists in the surveying, research and preparation of registerable lease plans, out of our local Adelaide office. Our local presence means we have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of state specific guidelines and requirements and are able to offer our Adelaide clients registered lease plan and lettable area advice and information.

Adelaide Lease plans are referred to as "Uncertified Filed Plan – (for lease purposes)" by the SA Lands Title Office.

Our Filed Plans in Adelaide are:

  • Measured in accordance with Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement guidelines (for calculating a Lettable Areas)
  • Prepared in a registerable format, consistent with SA Government - Land Titles Office (LTO) requirements
  • Accurate and clearly define the portion of land to be referred to in a written lease document
  • Lodged at the LTO as a Filed Plan by Realserve
  • Provided to you in PDF format once it has been filed and approved by SA Lands Title Office

Evacuation Diagrams

Fire safety is a serious issue for any organisation. To assist organisations in this area, Realserve provide accurate and compliant fire safety and evacuation diagrams in Adelaide Evacuation diagrams in Adelaide are a legal requirement for all commercial properties. Realserve plans show all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points with accuracy.

Our trained Fire Safety Officers in Adelaide will assist you with all your needs, ensuring your South Australian premises has efficient and compliant emergency evacuation diagrams in place.

Existing Conditions Drawings

Realserve’s Adelaide team understand the level of detail required throughout the process of developing, altering or designing commercial property and have extensive experience in providing as built documentation for Architects, Interior Designers and Project Managers right across South Australia. We recognize that an accurate building survey and precise As-Built or Existing Conditions floor plan is the first step and one of the most important elements in enabling designers to start confident on their next renovation or refurbishment.

Filed Plan Adelaide 5