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Feature & Level Surveys Victoria

Realserve offers feature & level surveys to the wider property industry in Victoria.

For all land development projects in Melbourne, Victoria, it’s important to start with a Feature and Levels Survey. At Realserve, we can provide Feature and Level Surveys as well as Topographic Surveying Services for our Victorian clients.



What will my Feature and Level Survey show?

Feature and Level surveys help to identify the location and levels of existing buildings, fences, drains, utility services and other relevant features within a subject area as well as the general slope / grade of the land.

Our typical scope of works for a Feature & Level survey includes but is not limited to:

  • Levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD).
  • To locate levels & features on the site including existing building(s) with ridge and gutter heights where practical.
  • Improvements such as buildings, concreted areas, vegetation, footpaths, drainage pits, kerbs & gutters.
  • To locate trees on the subject site.
  • To locate the position of immediately adjoining properties including ridge and gutter heights as well as tops and sills of windows. (within 9m of site).
  • To locate the position of all visible services and street furniture at the front of site including the adjoining sites to the back of kerb.
  • To provide contours on the plan (usually 0.200m interval).
  • To prepare a Feature and Level Plan showing the above information in PDF & DWG (2D) formats.

This information is critical in development as it is used by architects, builders and engineers to incorporate existing conditions into their designs.

See a Melbourne Feature and Level survey example below.

For more sample plans, visit our Feature & Level Surveys page. 

Melbourne FeatureandLevelSurvey Realserve


Why would I need a Feature and Level Survey?

A feature and level survey is often undertaken due to potential development of a property. By accurately locating and measuring all land/building features, you will be able to prepare development drawings suitable for building extension, complete dwelling knock-down/re-build, subdivision, landscaping, asset/service design, etc.

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Why Realserve (Victoria)?

Realserve has been assisting property owners identify their land boundaries for over 18 years. Our Victorian surveyors regularly attend industry seminars and training events to ensure that the knowledge they pass onto our clients is as accurate and current as possible.

Our survey team works under the direction of Geoff Forster (Licensed Surveyor) who has worked in surveying for 35 years. Geoff became licensed in 2000 and has since worked on a variety of projects both in the metropolitan area as well as in rural towns.

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