Services plans can capture mechanical services, relating outlets, lighting, sprinklers, air conditioning vents, exit signs, speakers, exhaust fans and more to aid property management or development.

Services plan for commercial property spaces

Property maintenance schedules can be a daunting management process for building owners or real estate agents. Our detailed services plans allow you to manage all the systems within your plant room and factory in the most efficient manner possible.


These plans show critical information at a glance from the make and model of the plant down to the location and size of plant room items. Flow on designs or modifications can be swiftly addressed to enhance the equipment in place.


Detailed services plans can include several services of a site, such as;

  • Ceiling services e.g lighting, smoke and fire detection, sprinklers, air conditioning, exit signs.

  • Floor services e.g power boxes, telephone main distribution frames, drainage (floor waste).

  • Major services e.g sprinkler pipes, waste water pipes, cold water, gas supply.

  • Electrical services e.g distribution boards, electric panels, main switch boards, sub-boards.

  • Mechanical services e.g  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), pipe runs, outlets

  • Fire services e.g sprinklers, warden and intercom points, break glass alarms, emergency exit signs, emergency lighting (spitfires)

A well-maintained plant and/or services services for any building or tenancy leads to a trouble-free tenancy. Knowing where all the services are means your subcontractors are able to address concerns quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to spend extra time on site trying to understand where various components are as a services plan gives you all the information you need quickly and accurately.



A more comprehensive solution is to use our 3D scanning and REVIT modelling service with a services plan to give you a virtual walkthrough of your space rather than just a 2D flat plan.


Our typical process

We utilise the latest surveying technology to capture our data then produce our services plans. Using the latest CAD software programs everything is captured and processed accurately to start producing our services drawings. The equipment we use is state of the art, ranging from traditional total stations to 3D laser scanning or RPA (drone). We only use the latest software tools including AutoCAD & Revit.

Once our plans are drafted they go through an intensive QA process via an independent audit to ensure that what we have captured is delivered to the highest levels of accuracy possible.

In summary;

  • Initial consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.
  • Agree on a scope of work.
  • A site visit is organised with one of our qualified technicians with the necessary data collection equipment.
  • All data is then processed via our team located in one of our offices around the Country.
  • All plans or drawings are then independently reviewed via our QA process.
  • All deliverables are then created for viewing in PDF, AutoCAD or Revit.
  • We also have the ability to create a 3D scan or virtual tour of your property to create a fully interactive view of a site.

Services plan examples

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