The Realserve team has been creating a range of floor plans for close to 20 years. We create floor plans for commercial, retail and industrial properties to help with any type of building or development project. We can draw floor plans for any size project to help prepare marketing drawings, 3D modelling and other outputs needed to develop or manage a property. We use the latest measuring technology and software to create precise, detailed plans.


In architecture and building engineering a floor plan is a drawing to scale showing a view from above. It shows the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns and other physical features for one level of a structure. Dimensions are usually drawn between the walls to specify room sizes and wall lengths with various types of floor plans available as outlined below.

Designed specifically for sales or leasing campaigns, our real estate floor plans are easy to read for prospective buyers or tenants, and can contain any level of detail you need for marketing your property

Our site plans outline the locations of buildings, parking areas, driveways, boundaries and landscaping perimeters on a property.
Offering you and your business a new perspective – UpLift 3D marketing models. Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative and agile 3D models
From an accurately measured survey of a floor space, we generate Lettable Area Plans to assist with rental calculations, property valuations, and lease documentation.
We can provide you with complete parking allocation plans for each tenancy and bay numbering, including traffic management information for added convenience.
We provide compliant and clear diagrams detailing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points for safe exiting of a premises, especially for commercial property.