Concept Plans

Concept plans immediately demonstrate to a potential tenant how they might best utilise a space. Whether it be one layout, or multiple layouts, we can provide a concept plan drawing to assist with decision-making and accurate drawings. Furniture plans can also be added to give you exactly what you need from the concept plan.

Our concept plans can include a spatial summary indicating potential population levels for the space.

Concept plans can be one of the most effective tools in revealing a property’s potential.

When clients can clearly interpret the possibilities, closing a deal is made much easier.

The concept plans are also colour coded and labelled simply so you or your clients can easily understand what the property can offer you and effectively fit your needs.


What is a Concept Plan?

A concept plan is basically a site plan that explains the potential of development of a property. Where site plans are used to analyse sites or plan future improvements and features, a concept plan simply shows the potential for developments on a property that could be used in the future, if you or the client decide the property suits you.

Our surveying experts visit the site and create a measured, survey-accurate floor plan with precise data. We then use that floor plan and measurement data to create an accurate concept plan showing the potential features of the property based on what you need.

Our concept plans show you what a property will look like if it is used to suit your purpose. A concept plan can help you or your client decide that a property is right for your needs. 


See below for sample plans of concept site plans we have created in the past. These concept plan examples may be exactly what you are looking for, or we can work with you to provide the concept plan you need.

For more information, contact us now or request for a surveying expert to call you at a time that is convenient for you.