Evacuation Diagrams

Fire safety is a serious issue for any organisation. To assist organisations in this area, Realserve provide accurate and compliant evacuation diagrams and fire safety plans. 

Compliant and Clear

Evacuation diagrams are a legal requirement for all commercial property in Australia. Realserve Evacuation Diagram survey plans show all fire safety equipment, assembly areas, and evacuation points with accuracy. 

  • Relevant legislation acknowledged
  • Compliance with current Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010)
  • Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Simple easy to read evacuation instructions.

Our trained Fire Safety Officers will assist you with all your needs, ensuring your premises has efficient and compliant emergency evacuation diagrams in place.


Realserve's Evacuation Diagrams begin with an accurate and precise floor plan survey. After surveying your building or property, we work to put together a fully compliant and easily understandable evacuation diagram for complete safety.

These Evacuation Diagrams have basic colour coding to make it instantly understandable in an emergency. They also contain a basic legend with simple icons, including exit signs, main exit routes, hydrant and alarm locations. Our Evacuation Diagrams also include basic information such as assembly area diagrams, evacuation procedures, emergency information, and fire extinguisher information.


Having an Evacuation Diagram is a legal requirement in Australia, and our Evacuation Diagrams could make all the difference in how your property and/or your tenants cope with emergencies.


Scroll down to find sample plans below to see Evacuation Diagram examples that we have created from previous jobs.

To get your Evacuation Diagram that contains everything you need, anywhere in Australia with Realserve, request a quote or contact us today.