Marketing Drawing

Our Marketing Drawings give prospective buyers and tenants the ability to quickly recognise the potential of a space, making your job easier. At Realserve, we prepare simple floor plan drawings specifically designed for real-estate, whether in sales or leasing campaigns, so you can receive and provide others with a completely relevant, accurate, and understandable marketing drawing.

In these marketing drawings, floor plans and summaries of building areas are clearly marked and colour coded. This makes it much easier for future buyers or tenants to visualise how the building would benefit them.

Many of our past and current clients work within the Australian real-estate and property market, so we understand exactly what you need. Marketing floor plans are drawn to scale showing main building dimensions and can include custom details, like the width and height of a roller door. We can even include tenancy renewal dates and lease information if required.

At the top of this page is a case study, showing an example of what Realserve can do for its clients. We provide our clients with complete confidence through efficient Responses, Expertise, Accuracy, and Leadership.

Scroll down to see sample plans of past commercial and industrial marketing drawings we have done.


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