Known as a NSW Identification Survey, VIC Title Re-establishment survey or QLD Location Certificate, a Boundary Survey is performed by a licensed Cadastral Surveyor and is critical in determining the locations of fences, improvements, and encroachments on a parcel of land in relation to its legal title boundaries.

Boundary surveys for your property.

A boundary survey is the surest method to give you peace of mind on your investment. A boundary identification survey will identify encroachments by or upon the parcel of land which you are intending to purchase or build on.

Typically a boundary survey, survey plan and its accompanying surveyor’s report will include the following:

  • The general identity & area of the land.
  • The general identity of the improvements.
  • Any encroachments by buildings or other occupations.
  •  The position of buildings relative to title boundaries.
  • The general position & type of fencing.
  • Any easements benefiting the property or to which it may be subject.
  • Notation of the existence of any Covenants, Restrictions and Leases to which the land and the Title may be subject.
  • Any other matters disclosed by survey, or by the Surveyor’s investigation, which may affect the property.

All plans and computations are completed by an experienced surveyor with cadastral endorsement. Cadastral surveyors are are licensed or registered in your relevant state’s jurisdiction. Land titles office terminology and requirements vary around the country, but our teams are equipped with the local knowledge required to assist you with your survey needs.

NSW – also referred to as an Identification Survey

VIC – also referred to as a Title Re-establishment Survey

QLD – also referred to as a Location Certificate

SA & WA – also referred to as a Boundary Identification Survey

We can deliver:
  • A 2D PDF plan for you to visually review and assess.
  • CAD Files for designers to work from and incorporate their design into ready for council development applications and approvals.
  • Detailed written Surveyor’s reports outlining pertinent information so all parties have the information required to do their due diligence.
  • Boundaries marked out on site so you can physically see where the boundary is.

Our typical process

We are pioneers in offering various land survey services across Australia. Our reputation for quality is based on recommending the right solution, not necessarily the most complicated one, performed to the highest ethical standard. The right solution and cost of your boundary survey is determined by first thoroughly establishing your needs.

Determining the cost of a Boundary Survey:

Boundary survey costs are determined by a number of factors and the best way to assess the fees is to request a free quote from a trusted surveyor who will evaluate technical considerations as well as the following:

  • Do you need a full or part boundary survey?
  • What is the size and location of your property? 
  • What time frame do you require the works to be completed in?
  • Do you need the boundary marked on site and if so, when?
  • Are you building a new fence, building or structure on or near your boundary?
  • Are you having a dispute with neighbours over potential encroachments?

Boundary Survey Process:

  • Initial consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.

  • Agree on scope of work and fee.

  • Undertake relevant Title and Plan searches.

  • Skilled surveyors attend site with the latest and most accurate surveying equipment to undertake Identification Survey of the Subject property.

  • Preparation of a Survey Report and Plan is completed and is thoroughly checked for QA.

  • We can return to site at a later date to provide building set out services and place marks in accordance with approved construction plans.

Boundary survey samples

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