A NSW Identification Survey, VIC Title Re-establishment survey or QLD Location Certificate is used to show the locations of fences, improvements, and encroachments on a parcel of land in relation to its title boundaries.

Boundary surveys for your property.

A boundary survey is the surest method to give you peace of mind on your investment. A boundary identification survey will identify encroachments by or upon the parcel of land which you are intending to purchase or build on.

Typically, your land survey of a boundary would include the following:

  • General identity of your property.

  • Encroachments by buildings, fences or other improvements.

  • Discrepancies in dimensions between the land survey and the title deed of your lot.

  • Confirmation as to whether positions of buildings relative to boundaries comply with local Acts or not.

  • Any easements which your property is subject to.

  • Proposed acts or changes which may affect your land, or any other matters which arise while the land survey is performed.

All plans and computations are completed by an experienced surveyor with cadastral endorsement, they are licensed or registered in your relevant state’s jurisdiction.

NSW – also referred to as an Identification Survey

VIC – also referred to as a Title Re-establishment Survey

QLD – also referred to as a Location Certificate

SA & WA – also referred to as a Boundary Identification Survey


Our typical process

We utilise the latest surveying technology to capture our data then produce our topographical survey plans. Using the latest CAD software programs the data is analysed and processed accurately to produce our topographical survey drawings. The equipment we use is state of the art, ranging from traditional total stations to 3D laser scanning or RPA (drone). We only use the latest software tools including AutoCAD & Revit.

Once our plans are drafted, they go through an intensive QA process via an independent audit to ensure that what we have captured is delivered to the highest levels of accuracy possible.

In summary;

  • Initial consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.

  • Agree on a scope of work.

  • A site visit is organised with one of our qualified technicians with the necessary data collection equipment.

  • All data is then processed via our team located in one of our offices around the Country.

  • All plans or drawings are then independently reviewed via our QA process.

  • All deliverables are then created for viewing in PDF, AutoCAD or Revit.

  • We also have the ability to create a 3D scan or virtual tour of your property to create a fully interactive view of a site.

Boundary survey samples

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