Subdivision plans are required for a parcel of land or a building that is to be divided into two or more lots whether industrial, commercial or residential.

Subdivision plans for retail, commercial or industrial properties.

A subdivision plan is produced after an initial survey of your property or land. The survey determines the existing boundaries, and is used to understand the new proposed boundaries for the subdivision. A subdivision plan outlines both existing boundaries and marks new boundaries. When you want to subdivide, a compliant subdivision survey and plan is required before any other processes.


Subdividing your current property into two or more lots requires a certified subdivision survey and an application to the council and local authorities for approval. Our licensed surveyors can provide you with exactly what you need to begin your subdivision project. Subdivisions can be carried out on many types of property including vacant land, buildings and multi-level developments


The subdivision process can be lengthy and confusing, so it is wise to engage a licensed land surveyor sooner rather than later. Our Licensed Surveyors will work through the process with you, to ensure your project is a success. Our subdivision plans and surveys are fully compliant with the guidelines of your state, as we are located throughout Australia and stay up to date with state legislation.

The subdivision process will generally involve four main steps:

  1. Preparation of a plan by a licensed land surveyor.

  2. Application for a planning permit and certification to local council.

  3. Referral to service authorities for consent and compliance.

  4. Registration with the Land Titles office

Our typical process

We utilise the latest surveying technology to capture our data then produce our topographical survey plans. Using the latest CAD software programs the data is analysed and processed accurately to produce our topographical survey drawings. The equipment we use is state of the art, ranging from traditional total stations to 3D laser scanning or RPA (drone). We only use the latest software tools including AutoCAD & Revit.

Once our plans are drafted, they go through an intensive QA process via an independent audit to ensure that what we have captured is delivered to the highest levels of accuracy possible.

In summary;

  • Initial consultation to ensure we can meet your needs.

  • Agree on a scope of work.

  • A site visit is organised with one of our qualified technicians with the necessary data collection equipment.

  • All data is then processed via our team located in one of our offices around the Country.

  • All plans or drawings are then independently reviewed via our QA process.

  • All deliverables are then created for viewing in PDF, AutoCAD or Revit.

  • We also have the ability to create a 3D scan or virtual tour of your property to create a fully interactive view of a site.

Subdivision plan samples

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