We can provide South Australia Filed Plan surveys in Adelaide. Using our extensive experience we can create precise and accurate lease plans or filed plans across South Australia in accordance with local state guidelines and requirements.

A filed plan survey in Adelaide for your property.

We have surveyors in Adelaide with many years of experience. Realserve are industry leaders in preparing uncertified or certified filed plans plans with complete compliance with the Property Council of Australia’s methods of measurement or the Land Services SA Plan Presentation Guidelines (PPG).



We focus on preparing surveys with intense precision using the latest survey equipment and techniques for commercial, retail, industrial or even things like communication antennas.



We offer our clients access to years of experience in determining lettable areas and producing lease survey plans that have given countless agents, owners, and tenants complete confidence.


We specialise in lease plans and surveys for commercial properties, industrial sites, retail tenancies and more. No matter what survey plan you require, we can provide it for you anywhere in Adelaide.


We are able to offer our clients the following services through our Adelaide filed plan survey services;

  • Measured according to the guidelines by the Property Council of Australia for the Method of Measurement for Lettable Area.


  • Prepared in registerable format and provided to Land Services SA – Plan Presentation Guideline requirements


  • Accurate, defining the exact portion of land to be referred to in a lease document, and lodged as a Filed Plan.


  • Issued to you, once the Land Services SA Office approve your plan

Our typical process

We utilise the latest surveying technology to capture our data then produce our Filed plans. Using the latest CAD software programs everything is captured and processed accurately to start producing our Filed plans. Once our plans are drafted they go through an intensive QA process via an independent audit to ensure that what we have captured is delivered to meet the requirements of Land Services SA (PPG) Plan Presentation Guidelines.

In summary;

– Initial Consultation

– A site visit is arranged if required

– All titles, balances of land, easements, previous leases & plans in regards to the the property are researched.

– plan is prepared in line with Land Services SA (PPG) Plan Presentation Guidelines

– Internal QA

– Issued to the client for (owners, lawyers, property managers, tenants) approval.

– Once approval is received Realserve pay the lodgement fees ($359 included in fee) & lodge the plan with Land Services SA office via (EPL) Electronic Plan Lodgement

– Plan is then reviewed by Land Services SA and Realserve act as an agent for any requistions that may need to be made to the plan.

– Land Services SA Approve the Filed Plan

– Realserve buy the approved Filed Plan via and issue to the client.

Filed plan survey samples

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