Filed Plans (SA)

From our local Adelaide office, Realserve can provide Lease Plans, or Filed Plans, that are perfect for you. Our Lease Plans and Filed Plans in South Australia are up-to-date and compliant due to our local presence. Having an office in Adelaide means we are able to offer our clients Lease/Filed Plans and lettable area advice, and we have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of South Australia specific guidelines and requirements.

SA Lease plans are also referred to as "Uncertified Filed Plans" (for lease purposes) by the SA Lands Title Office.

Our clients will receive SA Lease Plans that are:

  • Measured according to the guidelines by the Property Council of Australia for the Method of Measurement for Lettable Area.
  • Prepared in registerable format and provided to SA Government - Land Titles Office requirements.
  • Accurate, defining the exact portion of land to be referred to in a lease document, and lodged as a Filed Plan.
  • Issued to you, once the SA Lands Title Office approve your plan.


Why do I need a Filed Plan in South Australia?

There are several reasons you may require a filed plan in Adelaide and throughout SA, mostly for due diligence reasons.

  • In South Australia, a Land Title Office compliant Filed Plan is the only survey that a lawyer can use in relation to matters of leasing. 
  • Also, a lease or filed plan describes exactly what each tenant is leasing. It makes it simple, showing the dimensions in relation to the boundaries, and outlines what each tenant leases and has exclusive access to.
  • Filed plans are also required when dealing with banking for leases and mortgages. 
  • Many lease plans are outdated or don’t contain a specific leasing area that you may require. Realserve can help you out.

If a Filed Plan is what you require, request a quote today. Or, request for a surveying expert in SA to call you back to talk about the Filed Plan we can create for you.


Realserve has offices all throughout Australia and New Zealand. Whether you need a Filed Plan or lettable area survey in South Australia, or somewhere else, we can help you start your project with confidence. Click here to see where we’re located and contact us for more information.


At the bottom of this page are example SA Filed Plans that show a sample of the lease plans we can provide to you.

Our experienced surveyors in Adelaide, and throughout Australia, can provide you with the plans and surveys that you need. Request a quote today.