Gross Floor Area Surveys

Realserve specialise in measuring and calculating Gross Floor Areas in accordance with each council’s Local Environmental Plan to determine a property’s Floor Space Ratio. In the preliminary stages of planning for a development, it’s critical to know the Floor Space Ratio of a property to determine the area of improvements that will be permitted without exceeding council regulations.


What is a Gross Floor Area Survey?

A Gross Floor Area Survey determines the sum of the floor area of each level of a building. Areas are calculated in accordance with each council's Local Environmental Plan.


Council Local Environmental Plans vary slightly between regions, as do the associated methods of measurement. We can help you by measuring your building accurately - i.e. at the correct height above the floor level, with the inclusion of all appropriate habitable areas, and excluding areas that do not count towards the Gross Floor Area, such as lifts, stairs, plant rooms etc.


The below sample plan shows the information collected and included in a

Gross Floor Area Survey plan:

GFA Sample

Do I need a Gross Floor Area Survey?

As a developer or property owner, if you're planning a commercial, retail, industrial or residential re-development, or you're planning to add additional floor space or levels to a building, you will require a Gross Floor Area Survey in order to be able to calculate the property's Floor Space Ratio.


Knowing the Floor Space Ratio is essential, particularly critical in high density areas such as the Sydney CBD, where many developers rely on this information in the planning stages of a development. This information is required to ensure that planned improvements do not exceed the permitted total area, and therefore the acceptable Floor Space Ratio, for that jurisdiction. 


What is a Floor Space Ratio Report?

Each council has a certain Floor Space Ratio requirement which specifies exactly how much development will be approved on a property in that council. All of our Floor Space Ratio Reports are completed by licensed surveyors.

To calculate the Floor Space Ratio, the total Gross Floor Area of the building must be divided by the total Site Area. 


The sample Floor Space Ratio Report below demonstrates the formula used to calculate the Floor Space Ratio of a property.

Formula: Floor Space Ratio = Gross Floor Area:Site Area = 21,636:2,338 = 9.25:1


 Sydney 610 Sydney St FSR Report3


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