Lease Plans (QLD)

From our local Queensland office, we can provide you with Lease Plans (QLD) and Lease Plan Surveys. Our local presence in QLD means we have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of state specific guidelines and requirements in relation to land titling and lettable area advice. We bring over 18 years of nationwide site measurement experience in lettable area determinations and due diligence matters.

We are able to offer our clients the following services through our QLD Lease Plans: 

  • Measured to Property Council of Australia guidelines for the Method of Measurement for Lettable Area.
  • Prepared in Registrable format to DNRM guidelines.
  • Accurately drawn showing your Lease Portion and Site.
  • Signed by our Registered Cadastral Surveyor.
  • Ready for you or your agent to lodge.


Realserve are industry leaders in preparing Lease Plans. We are fully compliant with the Property Council of Australia’s methods, and we focus on preparing surveys with high accuracy and intense precision, using the latest survey equipment.

Our Queensland office surveyors offer our clients years of experience in determining lettable areas and producing lease survey plans in QLD and Australia-wide.

The clarity and accuracy we provide in our lease plans and surveys in Queensland can give agents, owners, and tenants complete confidence.


We specialise in Lease Plans and Surveys for commercial properties, industrial sites, retail tenancies, and more. No matter what survey plan you require, we can provide it for you, whether you’re in Queensland or another part of Australia. Our surveyors in Brisbane, and surveyors in all Queensland and throughout Australia, can work with you to help you start your project with confidence.


If you’re in Queensland, talk to us about your Lease Plan now and request a quote or contact us for more information.

If you’re elsewhere in Australia, visit our Lettable Area Survey Plans page or contact your nearest office to find out more.