Lettable Area Survey Plans

What is a Lettable Area Survey?

A lettable area survey is a measured survey of a floor space for leasing purposes. Lettable area surveys are often used to assist with rental calculations, property valuation, and lease documentation.

Receiving a lettable area survey from an experienced surveying company is essential to receiving accurate lettable areas and safeguarding the interests of both tenants and owners. A small miscalculation in the NLA (Net Lettable Area) or GLA (Gross Lettable Area) of a property can have significant negative impact when multiplied over the course of a 10 or 20 year lease.

Click here to view some Lettable Area Survey examples created from previous Realserve Lettable Area Survey plans.



Realserve specialise in:

NET LETTABLE AREA SURVEYS (NLA) for Commercial Properties

Calculating tenancy areas in Office Buildings and Office and Business Parks



Calculating tenancy areas in Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Free Standing Supermarkets and Showrooms



Calculating tenancy areas in Shopping Centres, Strip Shops and Free-Standing Shops in suburban streets.



As industry leaders in the preparation of Lettable Area Plans and Property Council of Australia method Surveys, we ensure our lettable area surveys, and all our surveys, are undertaken with the highest level of accuracy, utilising the latest surveying equipment.

Our experienced Surveyors and technicians offer an unbiased and impartial interpretation of the Property Council of Australia guidelines. We offer our clients our years of experience in determining lettable areas.

This level of accuracy and clarity in lettable area plans and surveys provides peace of mind for agents, owners, and tenants.


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