RICS Building Confidence Conference

12 Jul 2019
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Internationally driving the uppermost standards in the property industry, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) will be hosting the RICS Building Confidence Conference in Sydney on August 1, 2019. 


Proudly co-sponsored by Realserve, this conference will see industry professionals discuss best-practice and key issues in the Australian building sector. Guest speakers will look at a variety of topics including quantity surveying, building certification, infrastructure, economics, and industry policy and regulations.


Keynote speaker and lawyer, Bronwyn Weir, co-authored the Building Confidence Report; a report commissioned by the Building Ministers’ Forum to make recommendations on approaches to better regulate compliance in the Australian property sector and in the application of the National Construction Code. 


The report highlights that while initial building design plans may have been certified and approved, often many aspects of a design change during the construction phase. Significant changes and variations can occur without adequate as-built documentation or certification and this can lead to non-compliant and potentially dangerous aspects of new builds and renovations.



Realserve - RICS building confidence report

Realserve - RICS building confidence report


 It is in the implementation of some of the Building Confidence Report’s recommendations, as outlined below, that Realserve can assist you in rebuilding trust in the industry. Read the full report here.



  • Recommendation 12 of the report suggests a nationwide requirement to collect as-built data at various stages throughout the construction of a building and utilising emerging technology to create a central point of as-built construction documentation. 


  • Recommendation 20 suggests a comprehensive digital data manual for all commercial buildings, containing critical information about products, certifications and maintenance for owners and future owners.


The implementation of these recommendations could see Realserve providing our as-built verification services to assist builders with meeting these requirements and improving their Building Information Management processes. Utilising 3D scanners and other emerging software and technology, Realserve are equipped to supply as constructed information right down to minute detail throughout the construction phase – giving owners the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what has been built.


  • Recommendation 21 of the Building Confidence report relates to building product safety and establishing stringent certification regulations for the use of high-risk building products.


This recommendation applies to but is not limited to aluminium composite panelling. With building fires around the world highlighting the serious risks associated with this highly combustible product, audits are being carried out to identify cladding that is not installed and used correctly in accordance with the National Construction Code. Upon identifying condemned cladding, replacement is required, and many building owners are taking the opportunity to completely refurbish building facades. Realserve can help you and your contractors by providing an accurately measured Existing Conditions Elevation Survey that details:

-       All building façade features including doors, windows, frames, signage

-       The extents and areas of condemned cladding


Realserve are proud to align our company with this conference and do our part to improve professionalism, standards and integrity in the building industry. From Feature and Level surveys to Gross Floor Area Reports, construction industry delegates attending the Building Confidence Conference have used Realserve to assist with their planning needs. Explore our website or contact us if you'd like to know more about our services.