The Realserve team has hundreds of years combined experience when it comes to the precise and detailed measurement of retail, commercial or industrial properties in this country. To continue delivering industry leadership amongst property professionals we have a range of cutting edge services that embrace the latest technology to go beyond traditional 2D drawings and bring locations to life. Our range of 3D laser scanning, modelling, virtual reality and aerial mapping services can compliment common survey plans to take your property management to the next level.

Our team strictly adheres to the Property Council of Australia’s Method of Measurement and we are actively embracing the latest International Property Measurement Standards too. Either way you can be guaranteed to receive precision, detail and compliance with any survey, floor plan, or drawing we create.

Realserve uses cutting edge 3D laser scanner equipment to provide a range of services to create virtual views of your building, property or industrial site.

Realserve uses cutting edge 3D laser scanning equipment to create impressive interactive models. A virtual view of your building can help designers, architects and other service providers. Architects and designers can try different ideas and identify potential design problems before they become actual issues.

We have a qualified team of surveyors based in our offices in each capital city of Australia who can deliver a range of Point Cloud survey services. Point Cloud Surveys are fast becoming the industry norm for surveying buildings with a high degree of precision to capture spatial data quickly.

We have introduced the Matterport 3D Camera to our range of reality capture equipment to continue our leadership in building documentation. It is the latest in reality capture devices that can develop a 3D view of a building rather than a traditional 2D plan.

Street view for your warehouse or building is our cutting edge technology of 360 spherical photography service.

Our site plans outline the locations of buildings, parking areas, driveways, boundaries and landscaping perimeters on a property.

Learn about the 3 steps to a successful BIM project. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process for creating and managing all of the information on a project – before, during and after construction.