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The Realserve team helped with the redevelopment of this historic building using the latest 3D Scanning and Modelling technology.




When an award-winning practice was commissioned by the South Australian Government to design the redevelopment of Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre, the architect contracted Realserve to 3D scan the theatre and its surrounding streetscape.


The theatre, which was originally opened in 1913, holds significant cultural history and as an integral part of the design process, existing conditions documentation was required. The data provided was utilised by the Building Information Modelling (BIM) team and other contractors in the design and build stages of the redevelopment project.


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To avoid interrupting any performances or rehearsals, the entire building and its intricate details were captured in as short a time as possible. Field work was carried out in less than two days, with one team 3D scanning the building and another surveying to determine the property’s boundaries.


The technology used to create the most accurate modelling was a Faro 3D and a Leica Robotic Total Station for the boundary identification.


To meet scheduled timelines, data collection was fast-tracked by using multiple 3D scanners. Our experienced 3D scanning technicians started at the top of the historical building on Level 3, working as a team to scan down and throughout the theatre before working around the outside and finishing with capturing the opulent front façade. The scope of work covered two key areas;


3D Laser Scanning to collect survey data of the subject site and to post-process individual scan data into a single point cloud dataset.

  • Externally;
    • Surrounding building heights and canopies
    • Footpaths, Kerbs + gutters, roadway, street furniture, signs.
    • Street feature survey to 5m out from building and building heights.
    • All elevations of the building showing heights, openings and details. 
    • Also include parapet heights, plant platforms and equipment docks etc


  • Internally;
    • Internal Auditorium, basement, stage, fly towers, external elevations and existing service yard
    • Basement (under stage and part of the auditorium)
    • Ground Floor (front of house, auditorium, stage [including fly towers etc] and back of house)
    • Mezzanine / Dress Circle (front of house, auditorium and back of house)
    • Second Floor and including ceiling void above auditorium
    • Plant Room (Third Floor)
    • All services risers, voids, lifts etc
    • Internal above auditorium ceiling, front of house including stairways, front of house including public areas, back of house)
    • All visible area’s safely accessible.


  • Boundary identification survey.
  • Undertake relevant Title and Plan searches.
  • Undertake Identification Survey of the Subject Property.
  • Preparation of a Survey Report and Plan to include:
    • The general identity & area of the land.
    • The general identity of the improvements.
    • Any encroachments by buildings or other occupations.
    • The position of buildings relative to title boundaries.
    • The general position & type of fencing.
    • Any easements benefiting the property or to which it may be subject.
    • Notation of the existence of any Covenants, Restrictions and Leases to which the land and the Title may be subject.
    • Any other matters disclosed by the survey, or by the Surveyor’s investigation, which may affect the property


The client received;

  • A single RGB point cloud with a .rcp (Recap) file.
  • A boundary identification survey report and plan (supplied in PDF and CAD as well as the file being sent to MGA (Map Grid of Australia)
  • Post scan expertise to optimise the point cloud.
  • Scan data (point cloud) and boundary identification survey (cad file) were imported into REVIT 2016 to MGA (Map Grid of Australia). Data was also imported into the REVIT files of the various services contractors.

Realserve were proud to immortalise this historic theatre using the latest 3D Scanning and Modelling techniques to help preserve this building.


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