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Realserve provided surveyors in Adelaide for 3D scanning of a building being used by one of Australia’s largest retail banking service providers.

Case Study: 3D building scanning a multi storey building in Adelaide

3D building scanning a multi storey office in Adelaide point cloud of exterior e1681292557548 3D building scanning a multi storey office in Adelaide e1681292575684

Realserve provided surveyors in Adelaide for 3D scanning of a building being used by one of Australia’s largest retail banking service providers…The client’s asset management team required an internal and external existing conditions revit model of the building that they occupy in the CBD. Detailed elevation plans for the external facade were required, ,as well as a Matterport virtual tour to plan and obtain approval for the raft of major renovations this commercial property was to undergo.

Using 3D scanning for commercial property renovations in Adelaide

This company needed to change the office floor layout to accommodate the installation of a new elevator.. They had to create design proposals and the fastest way to do this is by 3D scanning the building to create a revit model that can be used by an architect, builder or interior designer. They can use the very precise measurements and details that are taken from the actual site rather than relying on old drawing documentation.

Facilitating collaboration between renovation stakeholders

3D building scanning a multi storey office in Adelaide point cloud of interior 3D building scanning a multi storey office in Adelaide interior

Using the latest in 3D scanning means that all the documentation is electronic which makes it very easy for different stakeholders to collaborate on a construction project. For this building project in Adelaide it means the architect, construction manager and engineer are able to all view the same set of plans in real time via a computer or laptop. Any changes that are made then get reflected across the different models so that any stakeholder is always viewing the most up to date information.

This is made possible by using the latest 3D modelling tools that replace traditional 2D surveyor documentation. In the case of this project it is a pretty extensive renovation that will involve wall reinforcement, new security system installation and adjustments to the layouts of each floor being changed. So lots of time can be saved by not having to re-draw traditional paper based plans.

Can point cloud be used for multi level renovations?

In this project, our surveying team faced the challenge of documenting two levels within the scope area that had no conventional access between them. Using traditional survey control, they devised a solution to capture the necessary data from both levels, moving to the right locations to ensure the data could be accurately geolocated by our modelling team. The process involved using advanced equipment such as Total Station, RTC, and BLK360 to capture the heights and data from the exterior facade to create accurate elevation data as well.

Once our surveyors complete the 3D scanning of the building all the information is compiled into a point cloud that is then issued to the engineers or other stakeholders to work from. The point cloud enables anyone to view a virtual model of the floors of the building that need renovating.

The detail that is included in the point cloud means that every element of the existing conditions can be modelled and taken into consideration; including door openings, services, wall thicknesses etc.

What is the benefit of using a Matterport Tour when renovating a commercial building?

Our surveying team also created a Matterport Virtual 3D Tour of this commercial building so that all of the stakeholders can “visit” the site any time they like to review the location after their initial physical visit. A Matterport Tour lets you view a location virtually and you can look up down or side to side to view each aspect of the space. The benefit of being able to do this is to quickly see a photo realistic view while reviewing the Revit model or other survey drawings like a 2D site plan.

You can use a Matterport Tour together with traditional survey documentation to make it easier to have conference calls, group discussions or other collaboration with stakeholders located in different places. Everyone can view the site tour online wherever they are located & it saves time having to co-ordinate an actual site visit again.

Can a Revit model be used to solve renovating challenges?

Working with 3D models has lots of other benefits for architects, engineers or building owners. The Revit model that we created for this building in Adelaide was used to work out how to connect the ground floor to the basement with the installation of stairs and a lift.

Everything is created in Revit so that adjustments can be made to suit the requirements of the site and the client’s goals. Different variations can be created which can be used for estimating costs & complexity of different renovating solutions so in this case comparing stair and lift installation.

The Revit can also make sure newly constructed elements can fit into the space provided and avoid clashes with existing services like lighting, power or water.

What else could our surveying service have provided?

Based on the type of site and location of this commercial property in Adelaide, our surveying team could have also provided documentation for;

Lettable Area Plans – a Net Lettable Area survey in accordance with the Property Council of Australia’s Method of Measurement Guidelines, if the floor was going to be rented to a new tenant after the renovations.

Marketing Plans – if the existing tenant was going to vacate so the renovations could be completed, new 3D Matterport Tours or other documentation could be created after the changes are completed so the agent can re-list the property for rent.

Evacuation Diagram – once the floor plan has changed and there are new pathways via stairs, and lifts or doorways are either moved or created, then a new evacuation diagram should be created for each floor of the property to ensure compliance.

Reflected Ceiling Plan – depending on how extensive the renovations to each floor will be, it may be required to create an existing conditions reflected ceiling plan to adjust the locations of air conditioning outlets, lighting or other ceiling-mounted services like sensor alarms.

Point cloud and documentation samples from this retail site

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