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The picturesque Rottnest Island tourist destination was due for an upgrade to its building facilities. We helped them update their site plans to aid development.

Learn How a reflected ceiling plan can save money on building facility upgrades


With our extensive experience in existing conditions and reflected ceiling plan creation, we were able to solve this sites upgrade challenges. The picturesque Rottnest Island tourist destination was due for an upgrade to its building facilities. What made this difficult was the number of different buildings that didn’t have consistent existing condition drawings available.

The property owners needed to upgrade;

  • The workshop.
  • Office area.
  • Open canopy area.
  • Indoor generator plant.
  • Warehouse.
  • Outdoor generator area and
  • Switchroom.


They needed documents to be used for electrical engineering contractors to determine new schematics & for architect designers. This meant the client needed things like cable tray locations with height information and generator pad positions amongst other things.


Once on the island, the Realserve field team underwent a very thorough safety induction before starting work. The task was broken down into;

Existing conditions floor plan drawing;

  • Survey and Draw Existing Conditions Floor Plan Drawings.
  • Base Building & Partition Walls, Fixed joinery.
  • Major Services, FHR’s and Hydrants.
  • Amenities Detail.
  • Ceiling Heights.
  • Floor Finishes.
  • Large pieces of equipment like generators x7, exhaust stacks, fuel tanks, etc.


Reflected ceiling plan;

  • Survey and draw Reflected Ceiling Plans for nominated areas.
  • Ceiling Finishes, Ceiling Grid, Bulkheads where applicable.
  • All Visible Ceiling Services.
  • Ceiling Heights.



  • Consistency – for the first time in the island’s history they had a set of coherent Existing Condition Drawings and Reflected Ceiling Plans.


  • Time saved; Time was saved with all documentation able to be used by different associated consultants who didn’t need to visit the site. They could use the consistent set of plans and information.


  • Money saved – Money was saved by highlighting the greater restraints on existing cable tray locations and heights than what was previously assumed.


  • Precision & consistency – was delivered with plans and drawings created using our industry expertise and knowledge.



The client could have also chosen to use some of our other services for example;



  • A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour could have been created for the public areas to showcase this amazing tourist destination. The virtual tour could have been hosted online for their website visitors to get a better look at the island and its facilities.



Get more information about our range of Existing Conditions services.


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