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With their tenant’s lease due for expiry our client needed to start presenting options to potential tenants quickly & give their agent all the right tools.

The fastest way to lease a commercial property with an existing conditions survey.


Our expertise in Existing Conditions Survey services helped another commercial property manager lease their site quickly. With their tenant’s lease due for expiry within 6 months, our client needed to start presenting options to potential tenants for the showroom space should the lessee choose not to renew their lease. They also wanted to make sure their agent had all the tools possible to secure a new tenant.

The incumbent tenant occupied a very large floor space area of a prime position in a large business park commercial property that included;

  • 6 prestige vehicle showrooms spanning the entire ground floor.

  • Mezzanine office spaces.

  • A large workshop located in the adjacent building with a total area of 9,000sqm.

The fastest way to lease a commercial property using an existing conditions survey from Realserve of the building exterior


This client had been partnering with Realserve for over a decade, we quickly agreed on the creation of a set of Existing Conditions Floor Plan Drawings that could be shown or sent to prospective tenants anywhere in the world. So, our work included;

  • Survey and draw Existing Conditions Floor Plan drawings.

  • Base Building, partition walls & fixed joinery.

  • Window & mullion details.

  • Door openings.

  • Terraces & balconies.

  • External forecourt/car display area.

  • The ramp from workshop entrance down to the main thoroughfare.

  • Major Services like FHR’s and Hydrants.

  • Ceiling heights & even floor finishes.


  • Speed; The commercial property space was re-leased quickly.

  • Easier negotiations with numerous prospective tenants using the options developed from Realserve’s accurate floor plans.

  • Accurate Visualisation; A visualisation of the space that was used by the Property Manager.

  • New ideas developed after the Architect foresaw further opportunities for the property’s usage.

  • A repository of ideas that the client can draw on for the next leasing campaign.


Upon completion of all new tenant negotiations and new works for splitting up the spaces for multiple tenants, a final Lettable area Survey would be required to confirm agreed rental areas.


The client could have also had a;

  • A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour; this could have been used to allow prospective tenants to ‘walk’ through the property from their computer or phone.
  • An Interactive 3D Floor Plan; this could have been created to place furniture, services and other items to create a ‘virtual’ view of how the property could be used for different purposes to help fit out and design teams.

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Our qualified surveyors can play a pivotal role in any project with the use of laser scanning technologies to improve the plan, design, construction, management, renovation or refurbishment processes for any building type.