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We helped this client visualise a potential warehouse location in 3D using a traditional 2D survey to determine the suitability for leasing.

How to use 2D Surveys & 3D Scanning together for a warehouse refit in Australia


We used our 3D scanning expertise to access this warehouse site. Our client is from an ASX listed supermarket enterprise and was looking at a specific warehouse property for their online shopping/delivery services. The site they found ticked all the due diligence boxes except one.


How could the current built improvements allow for the workflow of goods around the external site constraints for heavy vehicle access and general loading or unloading?


We had to help them determine if a refit for this warehouse location could suit their needs and was it possible to visualise their ideas before leasing it? We knew it was possible by combining a;

How to refit a warehouse using 2D surveys and 3D scanning point cloud with revit model from Realserve part 1


There was minimal disruption for the existing tenant as we conducted the work in stages.

  1. Detail and Levels Survey undertaken of the external site utilising robotic total station with Global Navigation Satellite Systems for less time delays with manual setups.

  2. 3D Laser scanner data collection for an internal and external point cloud dataset. Using multiple 3D scanners allow for less impact on high traffic sites and allows our technicians or your employees a safer work environment.

  3. 3D Modelling – Once onsite data was collected all subsequent office 2D computations and 3D registrations allowed for well organised 3D Modelling and 2D drafting to be completed.



  • Fast & accurate decision making; The client was able to select the warehouse site with confidence by knowing everything would fit as per their requirements.

  • Checking safety requirements – using the 3D model they could also ensure all required safety regulations could be met.

  • Money & time saved – using the 2D Features and Levels survey and a full 3D REVIT model of the warehouse the design consultants can carry our required work for logistics or personnel workflows. This saves time and money from potential reworks down the track.

  • External Features and Levels survey for the loading and unloading designs.


The client could have also;

  • Have had the detail and levels survey built as an inclusion of the 3D building model. This would allow their designers further time to complete their proposals.

  • Had a Car Parking Plan created to maximise external space for employee parking, traffic management (especially for heavy haulage transport vehicles) or pedestrian walkways etc.

  • An Interactive 3D Floor Plan created for the office spaces to help plan desks, furniture and other items for staff.

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Realserve has a team of surveyors who can provide 3D Laser Scanning services in each capital city of Australia. We use use the latest cutting-edge equipment to produce a wide array of survey plans, point cloud data, Revit or Digital Twin 3D models. 3D laser scanning allows surveyors to provide as-built, existing condition, surveys that are incredibly accurate for internal or external spaces. 

Our qualified surveyors can play a pivotal role in any project with the use of laser scanning technologies to improve the plan, design, construction, management, renovation or refurbishment processes for any building type.