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We helped a client convert a very old handshake agreement into a new Plan of Subdivision to determine the correct usage of the farming area.

How to re-establish a title and plan of subdivision for a property


Using our expertise in Land Surveys we created a Plan of Subdivision to help this client. They needed to convert a very old handshake agreement into a new Plan of Subdivision to formalise how the existing farming land would be used.

The client had new neighbours moving in and the surrounding farmers had been using each other’s land for many years under an informal arrangement. The implicit agreement was that the existing fenced off areas would be the usable land by each party.

The client approached Realserve to formalise the original agreement to tidy up the boundaries, so our suggestion was to document a Title Boundary Re-Alignment Survey.



The process needed to Re-Establish the Title as it existed and then lodge a new Plan of Subdivision to reflect the changes to title in accordance to this survey.



The process for this job was separated into three distinct parts.

  1. Control was established by establishing a datum from surrounding surveys. Due to the long distances involved, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) control was determined to be the optimal solution once the field team had driven the 3 hours from the office.


  2. Survey data was collected of the existing fence lines as a detailed surround survey that depicted the agreed upon boundaries of the properties. With a large site area of 5.82 hectares, a combination of GPS and total station survey was required to produce an accurate survey and allow for efficiency in time and costs.


  3. Plan of subdivision using the results of the survey was drawn up for interested parties approval. The land bound by the fences of the pet food factory could be determined in relation to the Title and surrounding datum. Once the parcel of land was re-established, a new Plan of Subdivision was drawn to reflect the new changes to the Title Boundary which impacted on the title of the Pet Food factory as well as the surrounding farms.


  • Accuracy; A Title Re-establishment survey that met the requirements for lodgement at Land Victoria to support the registration of a Plan of Subdivision.
  • Efficiency; the work was done in 3 days instead of 6 by using Global Positioning System controls.

  • Simplicity; Realserve managed the project to ensure all the appropriate paperwork was produced and submitted for the permit applications etc.

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