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We explain the new Victorian Lot Subdivision Survey Process that has been introduced in Australia

Surveying: New Victorian Lot Subdivision Survey Process Explained

Realserve Surveying company in Victoria that does Lot Subdivision Surveys old buildings


Realserve is a Subdivision survey plans service provider in Victoria, we have a qualified surveyor team available in all suburbs in Melbourne. One of the favourite ways property owners maximise their land value in Australia is to subdivide their block of land to add another building like a granny flat or even sell it as a parcel of land. Before you can do this you need to do your research with the Zoning and Overlays within the Local Government Planning Scheme. Those that affect the subject site can quickly determine whether a subdivision can proceed.

If and when a subdivision is approved the choice for the property owner is to keep them or sell them. There is real value and increased opportunities in subdividing your property into multiple lots. For this project our client approached us to do a 3 Lot & Common Property subdivision of three proposed townhouses. This is how Realserve provided a subdivision survey in Victoria.


Our research uncovered the Zoning and Overlays within the Monash City Council Planning Scheme of Victoria that affected the subject site. These are used to determine whether a subdivision can proceed and then what criteria needs to be met.
Co Ordinates of Plot Corners Lassi Map for surveying in Victoria

Zoning: General Residential Zone – Schedule 3 (GRZ3)

Overlays: Vegetation Protection Overlay – Schedule 1 (VPO)

This overlay states that a Planning Permit is required to subdivide land. This outlines the criteria that must be met as part of the permit application when the land is to be developed in Victoria


The client’s Architect applied to Council for a planning permit to construct 3 townhouses on the original lot. After 6-12 months the Development Permit was issued with conditions & associated plans were endorsed. 

The client’s builder started construction of the three townhouses in line with the approved development application and development consent. Realserve was then engaged to complete the 3 Lot & Common Property subdivision survey of the three new townhouses to get a subdivision certificate in Victoria


The Realserve Surveyor undertakes fieldwork of a surround boundary survey of the subject land as well as obtain a survey datum in the street. This will confirm the accurate location of current boundaries, existing easements and any improvements or infrastructure.

1. A Plan of Subdivision (3 lots & Common Property) is drafted.

2. A subdivision plan clearly shows the current title arrangements with the proposed additional lots to be created. Property boundary dimensions and angles are delineated in plan and elevation view for each separate title.

3. This plan is sent to the client for approval in PDF format.

Victorian Plan of Subdivision ground storey sample from Realserve Victorian Surveyor Service

4. A subdivision application is submitted to the relevant City Council for;

– A Planning Permit (3 Lot & Common Property Subdivision)
– A Certification of the Plan of Subdivision.

How to apply for subdivision of land – The Surveyor would then submit the plans electronically using SPEAR to the local council. 

Currently Monash City Council fees are: Planning Permit is around $1300 & Certification is around $175

Once the fees are paid, Council will accept the applications. Council application process will then refer the plans to all of the relevant service authorities. ie Water, Sewer, Gas, Electricity and Drainage etc.

Council will make an assessment of the applications and may request further information.

5. Eventually, the first document to issue from council will be a Planning Permit for subdivision. (Generally 3 months after applying to council)

6. This Planning Permit will contain Conditions that will need to be met in order to complete the subdivision.

Generally, conditions are that each lot must be independently serviced. This is mainly done by default by the Builder as they are constructing the townhouses.

7. There may also be a condition for the provision of Public Open Space (POS). This is 5% of land value in the Subdivision Act, but maybe higher in some council’s local planning scheme.

Sometimes Councils have other Development Levies (unknown) to pay.
Driveways & Crossovers need to be constructed and Landscaping will need to be completed according to the endorsed plan.
When all permit conditions have been met, the council certify the Plan of Subdivision and issue the Statement of Compliance.

8. The surveyor then completes the final documentation for registration of the plan at Land Use Victoria (Titles Office)


9. The plan is released to the clients solicitor for the final step, being the registration of the plan & thus completed


The whole process will take approximately 12 months to complete and there is more information about the Victorian Subdivision Application Process in Victoria available at; What is the subdivision application process in Victoria?


Victorian Plan of Subdivision sample from Realserve Victorian Surveyor Service

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