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Our survey team created 1,455 individual lease plans for a unit block built by Lend Lease. The surveys were needed to establish survey control & location of the units relative to the boundaries as well as lease plan preparation suitable for registration.
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Lend Lease acquired four retirement villages on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They required new plans for each unit in the block to standardise, streamline and re-negotiate new leases. The client required an extremely high volume of plans with 1,455 units needing to be individually measured. The surveys were needed to establish survey control and the location of the units to boundaries as well as lease plan preparation suitable for registration.


For such a large scale surveying project we put in place a detailed plan to manage the outputs and scheduling. We mobilised our teams from across the country to ensure all project milestones were met. Each task was allocated to our team based on their expertise in property measurement with a single point of contact for the client making communication seamless.

Our client wanted a standardised set of plans for their whole portfolio so we ensured they were all measured and drawn the same way. All the outputs were solely for use of registering the units with the titles office. Some of the tenants even enjoyed having us visit.


For a registrable lease plan the typical scope of works for the required building lease(s) include;

  • A search and purchase of cadastral survey plans and a current certificate of title from QLD Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME)
  • A field survey to measure sufficient original survey marks to enable the existing buildings to be referenced to the property boundaries.
  • A field survey of building lease(s) area(s) in accordance with Property Council of Australia (PCA) Method of Measurement. A general note: Current building use determines PCA Lease Area method applied e.g NLA, GLA etc. unless specified by client.
  • Office reduction, calculations, drafting and QA documentation associated with the preparation a Lease Plan(s) suitable for lodgement in the Titles Office.


  • A standardised set of plans for use for the site.
  • Accurate and detailed boundary & lease surveys for each unit.
  • All work completed on schedule.
  • Any obstacles managed quickly and easily.
  • Lend Lease has hired us for other survey work.



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