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After hail completely destroyed this warehouse facility the owners quickly rebuilt and used our lettable area survey to compare the old vs new building for accuracy of the new construction.
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It all started with a horrific hailstorm in late 2015 that tore through the outer suburbs, wrecking everything in its path including a new commercial warehouse & office space that was in the final stages of construction. Realserve had just completed the lettable area survey on this building but the warehouse was flattened by the storm causing millions in damage. The building owners needed to ensure the new construction was built accurately.

Once the area was assessed by the insurers and the construction company the demolition of the damaged premises began using the existing construction drawings to re‐build the warehouse. We were on stand by to do another lettable area survey on completion of the building work.


The building owner already had a set of construction drawings so they were able to start re‐building the warehouse fairly quickly. When construction was complete they instructed us to undertake a new lettable area survey as soon as possible. This survey process would enable them to accurately compare the old building to the new one and ensure it was built to the precise specification required.


  • A very accurate lettable area plan.
  • Demonstrable proof that the construction company had re-built the new structures with only minor variations.
  • A satisfied building owner who had written proof and hard copy plans on file as evidence that the re-built was the same as the original construction.
  • A fast turnaround time with accurate results that demonstrated only a 1.5m difference in the warehouse area the second time which is a credit to their construction and the accuracy of our surveying.

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