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The roof is one of those assets that is out of sight out of mind. Any damage that occurs or requires maintenance is usually when it is too late and leaks have begun which lead to costly repairs.

Learn How to save money on roof inspections with an aerial survey


“The first I knew about it was when the water was dripping inside and had wrecked the flooring” informed the facilities manager.


The roof is one of those assets that are out of sight out of mind. Any damage or maintenance required is usually discovered when it is too late. Leaks or other potential deteriorating items can be identified for preventative maintenance using something like an aerial survey. Typically it has always been an expensive auditing process to locate an issue; coordinating scaffolding hire, contracting roof plumbers and other trades to urgently attend to the problem, whilst ensuring compliance with current health and safety regulations. An aerial survey can make this much easier to achieve.


In this example, our client had a number of challenges with time constraints, safety precautions and paperwork needed just to get a contractor on-site to visually inspect the integrity of the roof structures for their asset. They wanted a cost-effective preventive maintenance program for their property management rather than the usual ad-hoc reactive maintenance routines.


We made this possible using our Aerial Survey and Mapping service that utilise the latest high definition UAV equipment (unmanned aerial vehicle) to create high quality images of the roof area and service items.

How to save money on roof inspections with an aerial survey service by Realserve 10


Very quickly it was recognised our new aerial survey technology would be the best way forward for this type of regular inspection. Aerial photography could be captured using UAV flights with one of our fully licenced pilots. Aerial photos could then be shared easily to document the current state of the roof area.

Then over time, the progressive deterioration of the roof and service items could be documented to help the owner and tenants manage the maintenance of the property effectively.


  • Time and money saved on having multiple site inspections or paperwork needing to be completed.

  • No downtime lost for current operations while the UAV flight was occurring.

  • Detailed imagery in high resolution including close-ups of the roof structure, air-conditioning units and roof vents.

  • Video footage of the main gutters and other important details.

  • Visual estimations of items like the exact condition of the elements, confirm no hazardous materials were present & the life cycle for the assets, from their computer.

  • Accurate quoting and estimates could be made via contractors who were also able to use the material captured.

  • Visual Evidence that could be used with the Landlord if the site was being rented.

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