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Punt Road Wines needed a topographical survey on their rural commercial property to help plan for drainage requirements in the field.
A point cloud created using ground control points with a UAV for a commercial property



Punt Road Wines had a fallow paddock that was planned for use as a new vineyard on their rural commercial property. They needed a topographic survey to help plan their drainage requirements of the field. If the area to be surveyed has pockets or valleys where water can pool it can adversely affect the growing conditions and potentially ruin crops and causing significant financial losses. 

A secondary requirement was the set out for the support posts for the vines.


The process for this job was divided into three distinct service elements; Control, Survey and Set Out.

  1. Control: Initial control for the site was established by placing control points around the field. These points were fixed later via GPS control. A few key landmark features were also used to help with control.

  2. Survey: A detailed feature and level surveys were completed offsite and subsequently tied into the Control points established for GPS heights. An aerial survey was also completed by a UAV – (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to help coordinate the survey.

  3. Set Out: Using the results of the feature surveys, the set out points were computed to the client’s specification on row widths. Over 250 stakes were placed on the site to indicate the location for where Punt Road Wines would place their anchor end-posts.


Punt Road Wines were impressed with the work commenting on our speed, accuracy and vastly superior service compared to previous set outs conducted by other companies.

As a result it has lead to further work being carried out. We have returned to this particular farm multiple times to survey and set out other blocks of apples and grapes. We have also surveyed and set out another one of their farms in Hoddles Creek where the farm was changing from apples to lemons. This farm was fully staked out by Realserve for planting the new lemon trees.


Here are some other services that could have been carried out on this site.

  • Lettable Area Plan – if the property or parts of the site were being rented then a Lettable Area Plan can accurately measure the space being taken.
  • Aerial Mapping – could be used to identify diseased plants from the air. Using ground control points measured by the GPS TS we have been able to deliver variances from as little as 35mm to create an incredible level of accuracy using a UAV or drone.
  • Matterport 3D scanning and virtual walkthrough – like many wineries this location also has accomodation, event / function spaces for things like weddings and even a brewery house. All these spaces could have a virtual walkthroughs created to use in their promotional marketing to attract new visitors. The tours could be displayed on their website for use by Clients, Event Planners and Stylists.

Get more information about our range of lettable area plan services

3D Scan and virtual view of Adelaide Her Majestys Theatre by Realserve Pty Ltd building measurement service 1


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Realserve has a team of surveyors who can provide 3D Laser Scanning services in each capital city of Australia. We use use the latest cutting-edge equipment to produce a wide array of survey plans, point cloud data, Revit or Digital Twin 3D models. 3D laser scanning allows surveyors to provide as-built, existing condition, surveys that are incredibly accurate for internal or external spaces. 

Our qualified surveyors can play a pivotal role in any project with the use of laser scanning technologies to improve the plan, design, construction, management, renovation or refurbishment processes for any building type.