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Realserve Connecting the Dots Conference for team members to learn about the latest trends, technology and techniques in the building industry.



Realserve’s Bi-annual All Staff Conference was held on the Central Coast of NSW allowing the whole team to come together for three days of intense upskilling, networking and process improvement to deliver even higher quality services than ever before.

Conference sessions and activities this year focused on connecting the company in three key areas;

  1. Team members.  
  2. Work processes  
  3. Company strategy  

It brought to life this year’s theme of “Connecting the Dots” and it helped build relationships between staff members from our offices across Australia and New Zealand while continuing the development of our four company core values;

  1. Responsiveness  
  2. Expertise  
  3. Accuracy  
  4. Leadership.

After nearly 20 years in business, conferences like these empower us to continue to be the widely trusted leaders in our field. Our employees relish the opportunity to come together every two years to build knowledge, explore new technology, have fun sharing experiences and strengthen inter office collaboration.

Various upskilling sessions were undertaken by employees throughout the 2019 conference, with senior staff showcasing our new ;

  • 3D Scanning and Modelling technology with supporting software solutions.
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems data capture processes,
  • Realserve’s new 2D plan presentation styles and templates.

This year’s conference also saw the announcement of some exciting new senior staffing appointments. Realserve’s Director, Nigel Waller was pleased to announce;

  • Michael Larobina has been as appointed as CEO
  • Tarek Jomma has moved into the role of General Manager
  • James Sawell has been appointed as head of Organisational Development & Marketing

This highly skilled and experienced senior management team will lead Realserve into the future.


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Take a look at our 3D Laser Scanning services in Australia

Realserve has a team of surveyors who can provide 3D Laser Scanning services in each capital city of Australia. We use use the latest cutting-edge equipment to produce a wide array of survey plans, point cloud data, Revit or Digital Twin 3D models. 3D laser scanning allows surveyors to provide as-built, existing condition, surveys that are incredibly accurate for internal or external spaces. 

Our qualified surveyors can play a pivotal role in any project with the use of laser scanning technologies to improve the plan, design, construction, management, renovation or refurbishment processes for any building type.