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Realserve & Terralinks join forces

We are delighted to share that Terralinks has joined forces with the Realserve Group! Two distinguished companies unite to revolutionise surveying services in Sydney and beyond.



We are thrilled to announce the integration of NSW based surveying consultants, Terralinks, into the Realserve Group! This union of two locally-owned enterprises enhances our collective expertise and expands our array of surveying capabilities. 

Realserve are incredibly excited about this new chapter in our journey which sees us gain the decades of experience in surveying, planning, design and land development consultancy that Jace Pearson brings with him. 


What does this mean for Terralinks and Realserve clients?

As we amalgamate Realserve and Terralinks’ strengths, we are set to redefine the standards of surveying excellence, not just in NSW but across the entire country. With a robust team and an extended national footprint, Realserve, a pioneer in 3D laser scanning and building measurement services, is now better positioned than ever to serve our valued clients. 

Enhanced Surveying Capabilities: Our merger further enhances our ability to deliver a wider range of surveying services, with comprehensive support and advice for every project, big or small. Until now, Terralinks has specilised in the delivery survey services including:

  • PCA (Property Council of Australia) surveys for commercial leasing
  • Boundary disputes
  • Checking formwork prior to concrete pour
  • Contour surveys
  • Identification surveys
  • Marking boundaries
  • Planning – Preparing Development Applications, Statement of Environment Effects, SEPP Objections, Lot Layouts and Rezoning
  • Preparing plans for consolidation, redefinition and real property applications
  • Setting-out residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Preparing linen plans for registration for Torrens , strata and community title subdivisions, consolidation, redefinition, primary applications, delimitation, leasing, easements, road widening and acquisition surveys
  • Work-as-executed surveys
  • Engineering Design – driveways, new roads, stormwater including on-site detention
  • Monitoring Surveys
  • Terrestrial Photogrammetry for architectural, historic and aboriginal rock art

These services are now complemented by Realserve’s 20+ years of Responsiveness, Expertise, Accuracy and Leadership in:

  • Reality Capture 
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Matterport Tours
  • BIM Services / 3D Revit Modelling 
  • Existing Conditions / As-Built Building Plans, Elevations and Sections
  • Reaslestate Property Floor Plans / Marketing Drawings and Site Plans
  • Retail Tenancy Plans
  • and more…

Even Larger Team: With an expanded team and resources, we are primed to serve our clients not only in Sydney and NSW but throughout the entire country. The Terralinks ex-head office site now serves as an additional Realserve branch office, located in Kirrawee, while Jace Pearson has taken on the role of mentoring the greater team as Realserve’s National Survey Manager.

Cutting-edge Solutions: Realserve’s legacy in being at the forefront of technology in 3D scanning, combined with Terralinks’ expertise, enables us to offer state-of-the-art solutions. Rest assured, your projects are in the hands of seasoned professionals equipped with top-notch equipment, knowledge and service. 

From our humble beginnings over two decades ago, Realserve has evolved into an industry leader, setting benchmarks in building measurement and expanding into 3D scanning and land surveying colnsultancy. As we move forward, we extend our gratitude to our existing partners and welcome new collaborators to contact us to discuss your next project. Stay tuned as we continue this exciting journey, redefining what’s possible in the realm of surveying services. 

Realserve and Terralinks join forces


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Take a look at our 3D Laser Scanning services in Australia

Realserve has a team of surveyors who can provide 3D Laser Scanning services in each capital city of Australia. We use use the latest cutting-edge equipment to produce a wide array of survey plans, point cloud data, Revit or Digital Twin 3D models. 3D laser scanning allows surveyors to provide as-built, existing condition, surveys that are incredibly accurate for internal or external spaces. 

Our qualified surveyors can play a pivotal role in any project with the use of laser scanning technologies to improve the plan, design, construction, management, renovation or refurbishment processes for any building type.